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Get Your Fancied Feeds on The Electric

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Indian Railways has restored the e-catering service in trains. However, this facility will be started at select stations only. In stations where e-catering service will be provided, all health-related rules of the central and related state governments will be followed.

Significantly, because of the Corona epidemic, the cookery in trains, blankets, pillow and sheet service in AC bogies was stopped given the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health, but now the Indian Railways has re-started the e-catering services Is allowed to start from.

Through this facility of IRCTC, travellers can order their food from a favourite restaurant online. At the time of ordering, passengers will be told at which station and in what time their food will arrive. The passenger will not need to go anywhere.

Instructions will be strictly followed

The company has given strict guidelines, including thermal scanning of restaurant staff and delivery personnel at various times during operations, cleaning the kitchen at regular intervals, use of protective face masks or face shields by restaurant staff and delivery personnel. It has also been said that food should be prepared only when the body temperature is below 99 degrees F.

Guidelines for delivery staff

Guidelines for delivery staff are also well laid out and to be followed. These include taking orders only after hand washing, compulsory use of ‘Arogya Setu’ app by delivery personnel, contactless delivery to ensure zero human contacts, frequent use of protective face masks or covers and sanitization of delivery bags after delivery.


In the national capital and the surrounding areas, the effect of dense fog has been seen most on the transport services since this morning. The trains passing through Delhi or flights flying from here are all running late. According to official information from Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI Airport), more than 80 aircraft flying from Delhi have been delayed due to fog.

At the same time, there are reports of delay of 50 flights coming to Delhi. On the other hand, according to information received from the New Delhi railway station, the operation of more than two dozen trains (Train Late) has been delayed due to fog.

Dense fog has enveloped the national capital Delhi and its surrounding areas since Saturday morning. Visibility has been reduced considerably. Even at a few steps away, nothing is visible clearly. In such a situation, vehicles are crawling on the streets. At the same time, 25 trains are running very late due to fog. All these trains are around Delhi. At the same time, winter has increased due to fog. Due to the cold, it has become difficult for people to get out of the house.

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