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Gold Reached a New Record Level

Gold-silver prices today continued to rise on Monday. So far this year, there has been an increase of about 35 per cent of the price of gold. On Monday, the values of both gold and silver in Delhi bullion market increased by Rs 185 per 10 grams and Rs 1,672 per kg sequentially. From today, the fifth trunk of Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) has also been opened for subscription. Sovereign gold bonds are a type of government security issued by the RBI.

New Gold Prices (Gold Price on 3 August 2020): On Monday, the price of gold rose by Rs 185 per 10 grams in Delhi Bullion Market after a day’s trading. After this, the new price has now reached Rs 54,678. On Friday, after the bartering session, gold had ended at Rs 54,493 level. In the international market too, the price of gold is going up and at present, it is at the level of $ 1,973 per ounce.

New Silver Prices (Silver Price on 3 August 2020): Silver price recorded an explicit rise today. The price of 1 kg silver enhanced by Rs 1,672 to reach the level of Rs 66,742 in the Delhi Bullion Market today. In its first trading concourse, the price of silver was at Rs 65,070. Talking about the price of silver in the international market, it is at $ 24.30 an ounce.

Gold became 35 per cent more scarcely this year

In India, the price of gold has increased up to 35 per cent so far this year. In the global market too, precious metals are seeing a rush. Experts say that due to Kovid-19, the global economy has seen a huge decline. The ever increasing cases of coronavirus have made the situation more difficult. This is the reason why the price of gold and silver is going up.

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