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Has Kashmir lost Its Dignity?

Today Modi Government has taken the historic move? Modi sarkar has removed Article 370 from Jammu Kashmir. The Decision of the Modi Government has got a mixed reaction from people in India. Opposition Parties like Congres and TMC has raised the voice against the decision. For the last many days, the state witnessed increased security deployment and political leaders like Mufti nad Farooq Abdullah were placed under house arrest last night.

Now coming what will be the impact of this decision has Has Kashmir lost Its Dignity? Article 370 come into practice in 1957 the main points of Article 370 is that it allowed J&K to have a Sadar-e-Riyasat for governor and prime minister in place of a chief minister till 1965 as well as its flag and constitution.

After removing the article 370 what center can do in J&K will allow the Centre to declare emergency in the state except in case of war and Article 370 protected the state’s demographic character, Legislative powers, Preferential employment opportunities, Right to protect its state borders these are the changes that will be applicable after the demolished of Article 370.

  1. Kashmir valley only a Muslim majority state in the country. “GOIs intention is clear & sinister. They want to change the demography of the only Muslim majority state in India former CM of J&K said disempower Muslims to the extent where they become second class citizens in their own state Mufti tweeted earlier on Monday.
  2. The second main point is legislative powers now Stayte will not have the power to make law and rules regulations for J&K.
  3. Now the third most point is that before any outsider cannot buy the property in Kashmir valley now after removing the Article 370 any person from the country can buy the property in Kashmir and will help the state to develop and grow economy.

People in the country are celebrating the decision of BJP, many Kashmiris are in the favor of the decision people in India are chanting Modi hai to mumkin hai, but in the end, we have to see that decision will make some impact in Indian Politics or development of Kashmir region. But Modi Government has played the great masterstroke will decision help PM Modi in upcoming elections.

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