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He is ‘Binod’ The Meme King

Everyone is seeing a name on social media these days and this name is ‘Binod’. Thousands of memes, photos, and jokes are appearing on Twitter, Facebook under the name Binod. There are constant comments and posts about this, but many people do not know who they are, whether they are there or not. Let us tell you.

Binod! Binod! Binod! After all, who is this binod? (Binod) You must have heard and read this name more than yesterday corona. No one knows when things go viral on social media. 

Just like this, suddenly there was a flood of memes and posts called Binod on everyone’s social media. The name Binod (#Binod) took over everyone’s face. But at the same time, the minds of most of the people also wandered about what this thing is called Binod. Now stop holding your head because we have brought Binod to search. So read the story of Binod getting viral.

Slay Point has a YoutTube channel, which makes fun of peculiar-poor habits of people. In a way, everything is roasted on this channel. In this sequence, he made a video called Why Indian Comment section in the garbage for his channel and told how people write anything in the comment section.

A comment by one such person Binod Tharu showed that he wrote his own name Binod in the comment and 7 people came and liked him. After this Binod enjoyed a lot. Along with this video, Binod also became popular on social media. See how mimes have been made on Binod.

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