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High Alert In The Delhi

Delhi is on warning after data releases of four to five terrorists entering the capital. All the security agencies including Delhi Police are taking full watch. In a data report, it has been said that terrorists from Jammu and Kashmir are trying to enter Delhi. In the information provided by intelligence units to the Delhi Police, it has been said that a group of terrorists are in Delhi seeking entry.

From Jammu and Kashmir, these terrorist number 4 to 5 can enter the capital by riding in a truck coming from Jammu to Delhi. Intelligence information has also predicted the use of buses, cars, taxis as the investigation of the truck intensifies. All the security agencies, including Delhi Police, have a close watch on this intelligence report, especially from Jammu to Delhi.

Vehicles coming to Jammu are being checked in Delhi. Apart from this, checks are being carried out on many roads in the way of Delhi, so that if there is any suspicion, it can be captured. On the information of intelligence units, the Delhi Police is watching the suspicious vehicles. Also, all the guest houses and hotels of the capital are also under surveillance.

Apart from the intensive search of suspicious vehicles, an alert has also been issued at all the bus stations, railway stations in Delhi.All the District DCP, Special Cell Crime Branch, Special Branch and other units of Delhi have been put on warning after being notified of entering into Delhi with the intention of carrying out big terrorist collusion. Special vigil is being taken in the border areas. It has been asked to maintain a special eye especially in the areas of Outer North district of Delhi.

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