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How Long Will Private Trains Run?

It has been open from the railways that these high-tech trains will start running on the track from March 2023. That means from 2023, private trains will run. Indian Railways said that private trains have been scheduled to run from March 2023. Tenders related to this will be finalized by March 2021 and trains will be operated from March 2023.

Indian Railways is preparing to run 109 pairs of private trains. Like airlines in private trains, passengers will be provided with preferred seats, luggage and travel facilities. During this time, passengers may have to pay for these facilities separately in addition to the tickets.

Each train will have at least 16 coaches. According to the Railways, most of these modern trains will be built under ‘Make in India’ in India and the private company running it will be responsible for its maintenance, procurement and transportation.

The ministry hopes that with the participation of the private sector, an investment of 30 thousand crore rupees will come in the railways. It aims to develop new technology in Indian Railways so that maintenance costs can be reduced. Railways claim that this will also create new job opportunities. The confidence of safety will be strong and the passengers will experience world-class travel.

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Booking will start on the railway website from today.