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How Snug is Metro in The Corona Epoch

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Metro will depart at this way

Due to the Corona epidemic, the operation of the Metro, which has been closed since May 22, is going to start again from September 7. With this, after about five and a half months, Metro will start running in Lucknow and Noida in Uttar Pradesh. Now the Metro will run from 7 to 11 in the morning and from 5 to 9 in the evening. The same time table will be followed for a week of inception. In fact, in the first phase, the metro will be run for 4 hours in the morning and evening. However, the blue line in Noida and Ghaziabad will be operational from September 9.

The Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry said that the frequency of trains will be regularised. Metro stations in the Containment Zone will remain closed. Passengers will be required to wear face masks. Passengers will be allowed to travel only after thermal screening. Those who violate the guidelines will be fined. Then the time will be increased as the number of passenger’s increases. The frequency will also be around 15 minutes. On September 9, the Blue Line Metro will reach Vaishali. On September 10, the Red Line Metro New Bus Adda will reach the metro station.

Sanitizer facility at the entry gate

There will be sanitizer spray at the entry gate in the metro. In addition to where tokens will run, entry after proper sanitisation will be allowed. Metallic items will be screened. Apart from this, information, education and communication campaigns will be run. Masks will be necessary for every passenger travelling in the metro.

Metro will run in the entire country except for Maharashtra from 7th, read full guidelines

Entry in the metro after thermal scanning

Explain that earlier, Lucknow Metro had prepared a detailed SOP regarding Metro operations. According to this, thermal scanning of passengers will be done before entry at the station. Also, any passengers and staff who have symptoms like cold, cold, fever or flu will not be given entry in the station. In addition, it will be necessary to keep masks in the station and metro

Healthy bridges and masks will also be necessary

In addition, if a passenger forgets to bring a mask, there will be a system of masks at the stations so that the mask can be given to him there. Apart from this, their phone should also have the Arogya Setu app. Entry will be given on the green status in the app. Marking has been done on stations and platforms to take care of social distancing.

Social distancing will have to be followed

Earlier, after the meeting on Tuesday evening, officials said that the rules of wearing masks and social distance will be strictly followed when the Metro trains start operating. He said that metro commuters would be encouraged to adopt anti-Kovid-19 measures. Those who violate the guidelines will be fined. The official said that there are 17 metro corporations in the country. After the detailed SOP is issued by the Ministry, they can release their details as per local requirements.

Delhi Metro also ready to run

Delhi Metro services will start in a phased manner from September 7. Under the new system, the operation of the metro will start in several phases. Hardeep Singh Puri said that in the first phase, the metro will be operated from 7 am to 11 am i.e. four hours. In this phase, Metro service will be started on the first Yellow Line. In the first phase, Metro service will be started on the Yellow Line while in the second phase, Metro service will be started on two more lines from 9 September. The third phase will start on 10 September. In the third phase, the Metro train will start operating on the Red Line, Bahadurgarh, Faridabad-Ballabgarh lines.

According to the new rules, entry and exit gates in the Containment Zone will remain closed. The passenger will be allowed to travel by metro only after thermal screening. Use of the Arogya Setu App will be promoted. From time to time, the entire station will be sanitized. AC will be provided for fresh air. Passengers will be asked to travel with less luggage.

Austere action on slashing edicts

Strict action will be taken to prevent corona infection. No one will be allowed to stay on the station premises for much longer without reason. Apart from this, there will be special emphasis on ensuring compliance with the rules. Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has made it clear that monitoring will be done in every station directly from the control room of the metro and strict action will be taken against anyone if they are seen breaking the rules.

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