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How to be a Successful Business Man..?

Today in this program we have with us Mr Ashok Kumar Aagarwaal joke Saharanpur ke timber association ke head hai aur sath me he Chelmsford futuristic school ke chairman bhi hai. Today, we should talk to Ashok Ji, how is a success in the life of Jai, and is there any commendation or success in any of the successes?

Ashok tells us that in the early 1960s he opened the general store than in 1970s he started working in Timber markets.

Ashok Ji tells that if any generation wants to start its works in the timber industry than the person can start the works now the time has changed there will be some challenges to start his work.

We also asked him how to attract the young generation to do business in India on this he said that for making the child a successful businessman he/ she must learn the business from his guardian.

Father can teach him how to be the successful businessman if the child father has a business then he /she should spend some time there and learn something.

Ashok Ji has also opened the school in Saharanpur its senior secondary school. The reason why Ashok Ji has to open the school because he tells in our time there was a no-good school in Saharanpur the mode of education is not good at that time. My main reason to open this school is to provide a good education to the children so that they can become want they want.

Ashok Ji also tells us that there is no plan to open any university till now but I cant not tell about the future.

He also the grandfather of two children I asked would like to advise your grandchildren on their future plans on which he said I will not pressure them its completely their choice what they want to achieve in their future.

Ashok Agrawal Ji has done a lot of hard work to achieve and make his life fit, but after achieving all these Ashok don’t show off and live a simple life like a common man.

Lastly, these words will be fit to look at the life of Ashok Agarwal Ji life Kabhi phulo ki Tarah mat jina, jis din khiloge tutkar bikhar jaoge, Jeena hai toh pattar ki tarah jio, ek din taraashe gaye to, bhagwan ban jaog.


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