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I have public safety shield: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Kokrajhar for the first time today after the agreement between the Government of India and the Bodo community. According to local tradition, the Prime Minister was welcomed and a vote of thanks was offered for the agreement. Addressing the gathering here, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that my old relationship with this place, but the enthusiasm that has been seen today, has never been found. Here the PM said to the people of Bodo community that I am yours, trust me.

‘No stick impact on me’

In Kokrajhar’s meeting, the PM said that this will be the most historic rally in history. Sometimes people talk about kicking, but I have got the armour of crores of mothers and sisters. Today is the day to remember the martyrs who have sacrificed for the country. On the Bodo Accord, the Prime Minister said that today is the day for the celebration of the local people because the path of permanent peace has come out of the agreement.

In the meeting, the Prime Minister said that now the darkness of violence should not be allowed to return to this earth, now no one’s blood will fall. Regarding violence, the PM said that bullets kept on firing here for decades, but now a new path of peace is open. It is now historical to add a new chapter of peace in the Northeast.

‘Frenzy did not stop before’

The Prime Minister said that today when this agreement is being celebrated, then Shankardev annual conference is going on in Golaghat. PM said that you have created a history, which the whole country is watching. All the demands related to the movement have ended, there was no complete peace after the 1993-2003 agreements. But now there is no demand from the agreement signed by the people of the centre-state and Bodo.

At the rally, the Prime Minister said that people who left the gun should not even touch a fork, I will worry about it. The path of peace and non-violence will win the heart of the entire Assam-India.The violence took place in several states of Assam and Northeast against the Citizenship Amendment Act, PM had earlier postponed his two visits.

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