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IFFCO Plant Ammonia Leakage Befell

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An ammonia leak has occurred in the area (Urea) manufacturing unit of IFFCO at Phulpur in Prayagraj. In IFFCO, two officers died in this accident on Tuesday night. This unit of IFFCO is one of the best manure production unit in the country which has received many awards in addition to energy conservation and management.

How big is this mill?

The foundation of this plant of IFFCO was laid in the year 1974 in Phulpur. Ammonia started on 1068 acres area in 1981 and work started in 1997 in a urea plant. Currently, this unit produces 1.7 million metric tons of neem-coated urea. Which fulfils the fertilizer needs of the farmers of eastern Uttar Pradesh.

And where are such plants in the country

It is one of the largest pneumonia and urea production plants in India. Apart from this, there are similar plants in Kalol and Kandla in Gujarat as well as in Amla, Uttar Pradesh. This plant is known for increasing production capacity by applying advanced techniques and innovative measures for the last 37 years. The Phulpur unit has won the first prize in the Best Production Performance in the year 2012. Apart from this, it has also received awards for energy conservation, energy management, and effective use of water.

  • A sudden ammonia gas leak occurred at the Phulpur IFFCO plant late on Tuesday. A gas leak caused panic among the employees. Many employees fell unconscious there.
  • At that time more than 100 employees were working in the plant. On receiving the information, senior officers of IFFCO as well as police-administration officials reached the spot. Somehow the workers trapped in the plant were taken out. It had 15 employees unconscious.
  • All were taken to a hospital in IFFCO, where doctors, seeing the condition of eight, were referred to two private hospitals in the city. Where doctors declared Assistant Manager BP Singh and Deputy Manager Abhinandan dead.

CM Yogi ordered an inquiry into the incident: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath expressed grief over the gas leak incident at Phulpur IFFCO plant. He has ordered an inquiry into the incident. Public Relations Officer of IFFCO Plant Vishwajit Srivastava said that the incident happened in a urea processing unit. An ammonia plunger broke, causing ammonia gas to leak. Nearby staff were impressed and were taken to the hospital.

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited, also known as IFFCO is a Multi-state cooperative society engaged in the business of manufacturing and marketing of fertilisers headquartered in New Delhi, India.

Started in 1967 with 57 member cooperatives it is today the biggest co-op in the world by turnover on GDP per capita with around 35,000 member cooperatives reaching over 50 million Indian farmers.

With around 19% market share in Urea and around 29% market share in complex fertilisers (P2O5 terms) IFFCO is India’s largest fertiliser manufacturer. The cooperative was ranked 66th on the Fortune India 500 list of India’s biggest corporations as of 2017 with a net worth of $2.3 billion as on March 2018.

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