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Impugn Applies to Trump

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Impeachment applies to Trump a sad history was created in the US Democracy when Donald Trump became the first President to go through the White House, against whom Trump Impeached Twice was run. Democrat leaders gathered the consent of ten leaders of Trump’s party, the Republicans, and began the process of impeachment against Trump. 

While Trump has less than a week left in the post, impeachment against him is a history in itself. Now the question is, what if Trump is convicted in impeachment? Leaving the chair, if impeachment against Trump is successful, then it is certain that he may suffer millions of dollars. In Asl, Trump has been overshadowed by the incitement of violence on Capitol Hill in the past and the support of militant activities.

Impeachment started against him with a vote of 232-197. The process is that if the House of Representatives passes the charges against Trump by a majority, then the matter will go to the Senate.

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives passed the impeachment motion after a debate on President Donald Trump’s second impeachment against Trump. The impeachment motion was passed with 232 votes against 197. 10 Republican lawmakers also voted in favour of impeachment. Now, this proposal will be brought in the Senate on 19 January. This proposal was brought by Trump supporters against Trump for forcibly entering the US Parliament House Capitol Hills Violence and violence.

The motion appealed to Mike Pence to ask the cabinet to implement the 25th convention. This amendment was passed more than 50 years ago in the wake of the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy. According to this, if a person is not fit to serve on the post of President, then this amendment is used to make provision to appoint someone else in his place.

The outgoing President Donald Trump has said that freedom of expression in the country was never in such danger before. In his first speech after the Trump supporters attack US Parliament House, US Capitol, on January 6, the outgoing president called for impeachment proceedings, attacks last week and use of the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution ( By which members of his cabinet can remove them.

Doland Trump is in the news today due to the ongoing violence in America. It is because of this that the account of the US President was recently banned from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, now that according to the latest news, Donald Trump’s YouTube channel has also been banned. YouTube has also removed a video uploaded to the channel, which featured violent elements.

Along with this, the comment section in Trump’s account has also been closed, video uploading has been stopped for 7 days. The popular video platform owned by Google attributed the violation to the policies behind these restrictions imposed on Trump’s YouTube channel. YouTube has temporarily imposed some restrictions on US President Donald J. Trump’s channel. The company removed a recently uploaded video on the channel due to exposure of violent elements. 

Apart from this, the comment has also been banned in the account. Not only this, videos cannot be uploaded to this channel for seven days. The violation of this temporary ban and removal of the video has been described as a violation of the policy (policies) of the platform. Explain that the process of halting Trump’s account from social media has been going on for the last few days. Earlier, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have also banned Donald Trump’s account.

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