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India-China Soldiers Collide Afresh

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There is once again a clash between the soldiers of India and China on the border. Soldiers from both countries came face-to-face on the night of 29-30 August near Pan-gong Lake area in Eastern Ladakh.

Authorised information of attempted infiltration

It is being told that there has been a flag meeting between India and China. This information has been officially given by the Government of India, but no information has been provided about whether there has been any casualty or any kind of loss.

An attempt to change the status was thwarted

Colonel Aman Anand also informed that the Indian troops had already thwarted this PLA activity on the Southern Bank of Pan-gong Tso Lake. Stringent measures were taken to thwart our Chinese intentions to strengthen our positions and to unilaterally change the facts on the ground, and Chinese troops were given strong answers. 

India China war in October

Army specialists believe that there may be limited combat between the two superpowers. 

No news of fatalities of any Indian warrior There has been news that last night there was no news of any Indian soldier being killed in an attempt to infiltrate from China. 

Indian Army PRO Colonel Aman Anand has reported that on the night of 29/30 August, PLA troops violated the previous agreement during the ongoing standoff in eastern Ladakh during military and diplomatic engagements and to change the status quo Carried out provocative military movements. 

Last week, Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar had said that tension with China on the LAC, the Line of Actual Control, is the most serious situation since 1962. S Jaishankar had said, “It is certainly the most serious situation after 1962. Even after 45 years, there have been military casualties in the conflict with China. The deployment of troops from both sides on the border is also unprecedented. ” 

The Foreign Minister had said that India has told China that the establishment of peace on the border is possible only on equal relations between the two neigh-boring countries. The foreign minister had said, “If we look at the past three decades, disputes have been settled through diplomatic dialogue and we are still trying the same.” 

Earlier, India’s Chief of Defence Staff and former Army Chief General Bipin Rawat had said that talks with China are going on. He said that if things are not resolved through negotiations, then there is a military option.

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