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India hungry for strength: China

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US President Donald Trump has started efforts to hold Russia and India in G-7 countries. Russia (Russia) may not have shown benefit in joining it at the moment, but Trump himself has spoken to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the phone about this proposal. However, China is feeling indignant as India grows internationally. China has warned India that by joining the G-7 in support of the United States, it is playing with fire, which can cause great harm to it.

According to a report published in China’s official media Global Times, Trump is dreaming of joining India, Russia and some other countries in G-7 to make it G-10 or G-11. Even if developed countries have an advantage in this proposal, but India is sure to have a clear disadvantage in it. 

China thinks that Trump is taking these steps in the wake of US-China tension so that efforts can be made to overcome China from all factions. According to China, India has an essential role in the Indo-Pacific policy of America because not only is it the 5th largest economy in the world, but it also has a large army.

According to the Global Times, the present government in India is hungry for power and hence they do not see the conspiracy to trump. Apart from this, India is now trying to resort to countries like G-7 and America to show themselves as powerful in the India-China border dispute. 

China has alleged that there are some organizations in India which are spreading rumours about China and the Indian government has also failed to take action on such organizations. As the strength of China is increasing in Asia, similarly a propaganda campaign is being carried out against it across the world. This new plan to increase the G-7 is also an attempt to curb China’s growing power.

In this report, it has been said that despite China’s friendly behaviour, India continues to consider it as its enemy, due to which the tension between the two countries is repeatedly created. China has advised Bharat that his well-being is in friendship only because the enmity with China may outweigh him. Earlier on Sunday, China openly threatened India that it should stay away from the US-China Dispute dispute. China, while advising India to be ‘vigilant’, said that interfering in it can cause great harm to you. According to experts, this dispute, which started after the Corona transition in China and America, could push the world towards a ‘new cold war’.

India’s economy will be shocked!

China has warned that if a new cold war starts in the US and China and India decides to go in favour of America, then it could prove to be very fatal for China and its trade relations. If India chooses to become the pawn of America, then the trade relations of these two neighbouring countries will end, due to which the economy of India, which is still suffering a lot of setbacks, can be severely affected. Nothing can happen for India at this time due to the ruin of the economy. We once again advise India to think clearly and seriously about its relationship with China and get caught in the spirit of internal nationalism.

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