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India should become a “supre-Rashtra” in the year 2020: RSS Leader

Speaking a discourse on the subject “Vishwaguru Bharat, an RSS perspective” at Dona Paula in Panaji, Mr Joshi referred to his conversation with an intelligent who had said that India should become a “supre-Rashtra” in the year 2020.Anybody who wants to serve (in India) will have to work with the Hindu community by taking them along and for their empowerment.

Hindus have observed the growth and fall of India since the time traditional. India cannot be separated from (the) Hindu (community). Hindus have always been at the centre of this country,” Mr Joshi stated in Marathi.

  • He also continued that since Hindus are not shared or opposition, “nobody should be unwilling to work for the Hindu society”.
  • The RSS leader notably stated, “The world says India will become a superpower in 2020, but I remember my chat with an intellectual who had said that India should become a super-Rashtra (super nation) in 2020″.
  • RSS general secretary Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi on Saturday said that anybody who wants to serve (in India) will have to do so with the Hindu community and for their empowerment.

“It is India’s responsibility to educate the world to walk on the path of ”samanvay” (coordination). Nobody else other than India and Hindus can do this,” Mr Joshi said.

He said some communities in the world keep informing that only their path is “noble”.

“But we are from the (Hindu) society which says that we have our own path so as you. When the world will believe this philosophy, then all the problems would get unlocked. It is the duty of India to take the world on that path,” he added.

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