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Indians Will Not Voyage This Nation

The Malaysian government has banned the entry of Indian citizens into Malaysia. Along with this, Malaysia has also imposed travel restrictions on the people of Indonesia and the Philippines. On Tuesday, Malaysia’s Defense Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said that this ban will apply to all students from these three countries, from professionals to professionals.

The Defense Minister of Malaysia said that the travel ban will remain in force until the corona situation is corrected in these countries. Earlier, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Muhyiddin Yassin, said that the country will continue to control the Coronavirus by the end of this year, including a provision to ban foreign tourists from coming to Malaysia.

Permission will be given once the situation is fine

Defense Minister Ismail Sabri Yakob of Malaysia said that the corona wire cases in India have reached nearly 4 million and is the third most affected country in the world. At the same time, the Coronavirus has caused the most havoc in Indonesia and the Philippines in South Asia. 

In such a situation, we cannot allow the citizens of these countries to come to Malaysia. He said that the coronavirus has been controlled in Malaysia. There are no new cases of a few infections in the country. In such a situation, if we allow foreign tourists to come, then the terror of Corona can spread again in the country. We are watching the situation in these countries. We will allow citizens of these countries to come to Malaysia when the conditions there are good.

Nightclubs will remain closed

There have been more than 9000 cases of coronavirus infection in Malaysia and 125 people have died so far. The country’s Prime Minister Muhyiddin said that the restrictions imposed in the country would not affect the daily activities, as most of the business and schools have been restarted. 

Only nightclubs and entertainment centres have been closed. He said that international sporting events will also remain closed and the country’s borders will remain sealed. If a citizen enters the country, he will be quarantined.

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