Digital India

India’s Digital Plan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday emphasised on the importance of investing in digital sector, technology, innovation and sustainability that will power the country.

“I am happy that Bosch India has worked not only on innovation but also in giving it scale. A key pillar in this will also be sustainability. India’s growth is becoming greener with the installed capacity of solar energy increasing nearly 20 times in the last eight years. I was told that Bosch has achieved carbon neutrality both in India and outside. This is inspiring,” he said

Modi recorded the Union government’s actions to leverage technology like delivering internet to every village in the nation and suggested the company to make more investments. “Our vision of a Digital India includes integrating technology with every aspect of government. I would urge the world to make use of these opportunities and invest in our nation,” he said.“Thanks to our youth, our start-up eco system is among the biggest in the world. In the tech world itself there are so many opportunities,” he said.

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