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India’s First GPS NAVIC

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NavIC operations to be begun on expected Xiaomi smartphones

Recently, with his post on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, Manu Kumar Jain confirmed that future Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones would use the NavIC navigation systems and ditch the conventional GPS systems. Earlier in January, ISRO and Qualcomm had announced their partnership to power all the new chipsets with the ability to fetch navigation data from the NavIC satellites.

Xiaomi has always been striving to drive innovation into their technology, and with the collaboration of Xiaomi and ISRO, it has become one of the very first adapters of the NavIC systems for navigation.

What is NAVIC?

  1. The NavIC navigation method is assumed to be more reliable than the traditional GPS navigation system and also has a lesser possibility of issues due to network corruption or interruption.

Control of the NAVIC 

  1. The NavIC navigation system will be used for all the primary navigation services in areas across India and the surrounding regions such as Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan and others.
  2. According to media stories, all the upcoming smartphones that feature the new class of Snapdragon chipsets will also use NavIC as the primary system for navigation.

More regarding NAVIC.

  • The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System or operationally known as NavIC is an independent satellite navigation system that provides real-time and accurate navigation services.
  • NavIC has a range that covers India and 1500km around it with strategies for further expansion.

When compared to GPS, the NavIC spy-in-the-sky uses a dual-band number for relatively better efficiency that the single-band GPS frequencies. 

India’s NavIC navigation system will refer to the 7 NavIC constellations to implement piloting assistance across the chain of materials.

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