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India’s First Private Rocket Engine

Hyderabad-based startup Skyroot Aerospace has successfully tested the upper stage rocket engine in Hyderabad. This rocket engine is named Raman. This engine can install multiple satellites in different orbits at once. Skyroot co-founder Pawan Kumar Chandana said, “We tested India’s first 100% 3D de-printed by-propellant liquid rocket engine injector.”

Let us know that Skyroot, established by former scientists of the Indian Space Research Organization, ISRO, is making India’s first private space launch vehicle. Prior to testing, the company exercised considerable secrecy about the rocket. Pawan Kumar Chandana said that the total mass of this engine is 50 per cent less than conventional manufacturing. The total number of components in this rocket is also less and its lead time is more than 80 per cent.

Skyroot also claims that this engine can be turned on several times. Due to this feature, it is able to place many satellites in multiple orbits in a single mission. Pawan Kumar Chandana said that the company’s two rockets will be ready for launch in six months. The biggest thing is that this startup has raised 31.5 crores till now. It aims to raise Rs 90 crore before 2021.

Skyroot’s co-founder and chief operating officer Naga Bharat (Naga Bharath Daka) said that we have developed our own software for launching the rocket. Testing of navigation, control functions and onboard avionics modules is also in progress for this. The company is preparing for its first launch in December 2021. The company has named its first launch vehicle as Vikram-I.

Construction of Vikram-I is in progress. A target of December 2021 has been set for its launching. Naga Bharath Daka said that for the first time in India as a private sector we have successfully tested liquid engines for launching satellites. The company’s two rocket stages are getting ready for testing in six months. The company will play an important role in several launches in the coming days. The company is also in talks to take help of ISRO launching rage for this.

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