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India’s Forex Resource Face Heavy Decline

World’s largest democracy is facing a hard time in his economy last 2 or 3 months Country is facing many in the economic sector. There were much news and top-rated agencies have raised worries against the economy. That country is facing a hard time in terms of economic growth.

Many Top Indian Ceo has also raised questions against the slowdown of Indian Economy besides this World Bank has also slowdown   India to 7 spots in GDP rankings. As per the economy, specialist the main reasons why Indias is facing a hard time in their economic structure is because of economic policies of government policies which Indian government has introduced in their budget is not up to the mark.

As per the media reports India’s Forex reserves are fallen by $727 mn to $429.6 bn, backed by a decline in foreign currency assets, The country’s forex reserves decreased by USD 727 million to USD 429.649 billion government  of India Should not take this lightly and should take impotent measures.

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