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India’s Most Desirable Gal

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Disha Patani is known for her beauty and fitness. She is one of those actresses who have made a good mark in the industry in a short time. According to an online survey, Disha has become the most desirable woman of 2019. He has shared his post on this achievement.

In the online survey of The Times of India, Disha has achieved first place in the Most Desirable Woman of 2019. He shared his post and thanked his fans. The survey has given the top 50 ranking of Indian female celebrities, in which everyone is from different fields. In this survey, according to the looks, confidence, talent and style of the celebs, they have been given a place.

Disha has shared the photos of this survey on Instagram Story. With this, he thanked the fans in his next post and wrote- ‘Much love to my dear fans for this unconventional love’. By the way, getting Disha at number 1 in the top 50 list of Most Desirable Women is a huge feat.

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