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Investigation of Palghar mob lynching began.

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Two sadhus and their driver have been beaten to death in Palghar, Maharashtra. The whole country is shocked at this mob lynching. Anger is also being seen on social media regarding the killing of sadhus. The Maharashtra government has appealed to the people to maintain communal harmony. The IG level officer is investigating the entire case of mob lynching.

Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh said on Monday, ‘The attackers and those who died in this attack – both are not righteous. Police and Maharashtra Cyber ​​Cell have been ordered to take strict action against those who create a religious dispute in a needless society. Making this incident controversial, the police will also keep an eye on those who create rifts in society.

What is the whole stuff..?

In Sadak village of Palghar, the mob beaten up two sadhus and their driver. The ruthless manner in which the mob murdered the unarmed elderly and the driver going with them is embarrassing the entire country. The crowd of sadhus were from the Hanuman temple in Jogeshwari east of Mumbai.

Actually, these sadhus were going from Mumbai to Surat for the funeral of their guru, but due to the lockdown, the police stopped them from going on the highway. Then the sadhus in the Eco car turned towards the countryside, where the mob fell victim to lynching. In the lynching of three people, police have detained 101 people. The inspection of the matter is going on.

Mob lynching investigation started

The IG level officer of the police is investigating this entire matter and trying to know if there has been any lapse in dealing with the situation. Actually, such an incident also happened on Thursday. During this time people were saved. After this, the police appealed to the people not to trust the rumours of child theft. The police were not aware of the mob lynching of the sadhus.

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