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Iran Link to The Explosion

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As the investigation into the blast outside the Israeli embassy in Delhi is progressing, new clues are coming out. The team of Delhi Police’s Special Cell, Crime Branch and NIA are investigating. Meanwhile, the name of the organization named Jaish-ul-Hind has emerged. ‘Jaish ul Hind’ has claimed responsibility for the blast with the Israeli Embassy in Delhi. However, what kind of organization it is, with whom its wires are connected, is it a sleeper cell, the investigating agencies are not aware of it.

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Bang Iranian connection

At the same time, the Iranian connection to the blast is coming out of the Israeli Embassy in Delhi in the investigation of the investigating agencies. Investigation agencies have got a letter from the spot, on which it is written that it was just a trailer. The same letter also mentions the killing of two Iranians of Iran. It is written in the letter that he will avenge the killing of military commander General Qasim Sulemani. The letter also mentions the killing of nuclear scientist Ardeshir.

Iran’s big nuclear scientist Ardeshir was killed with a drone-gun. Iran blames Israel for this. On 30 November 2020, Iran’s nuclear scientist was killed in a drone attack. For this, the President of Iran directly blamed Israel.

The Special Cell team of Delhi Police visited the place where the IED blast took place near the Israeli Embassy this morning. The team is investigating the blast and collecting evidence related to it. It has been learned from the sources that a letter has been recovered to the police during the investigation. The letter states that it was a ‘trailer’. It also mentions the killing of two Iranians. Recently Iran’s big nuclear scientist near Tehran was killed with a drone-gun. Iran blames Israel for this.

According to Delhi Police sources, a line from the entire 1-page page of the letter that was received from the bomb site means that we will take revenge. How many Iranians came to India and went back during the last one week by Delhi Police. Where did these Iranian citizens stay in India and who met these people. Has started gathering information in this regard. The last time even in 2013, a man named Officer Irani had fled abroad immediately after the bombings.

Which two Iranians were killed in the letter?

On 30 November 2020, Iran a nuclear scientist was killed in a drone attack. For this, the President of Iran directly blamed Israel. Earlier in the attack on the Israeli diplomat’s car in 2012, the wires were found to be connected to Iran. A Delhi-based journalist was arrested who used to work for Iran’s news agency. In the investigation of the 2012 bomb attack, Israel’s top-secret service, Mossad, helped the Delhi Police’s Special Cell and India’s intelligence agencies. It is said that the case was cracked only by the tip-off of Mossad. 

India spoke to the Foreign Minister of Israel

There was a minor IED blast on Friday evening near the Israeli embassy on Aurangzeb Road in Delhi’s Lutyens area. The blast occurred at a time when the ‘Beating Retreat’ event, which was a few km from there, was going on after the Republic Day celebrations in which President Ram Nath Kovind, Vice President M Vaikenya Naidu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi were present.

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