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Is Mobile Phone harming Humans Emotions

Technology is one of the great inventions is mobile. Every day or we can say that every second there is something new scientist is working on how to make the get the mobile new technology. Are Mobiles  destroying our life or harming our lives. Especially in India mobiles come in the early 1990s or we can say that mid-1980s. But at that time mobile phones are not seen as much as now. At that Time Mobile Phones are not part of everyone life it’s very rear to see the person having the mobile phone in India.
But in India Mobiles Phone s became popular from last 10 years, from last 1 or decades the suddenly India has become the supermarket for the mobile makers, we can say that the sudden revolution has come in India in last 10 years due to the mobile phones. But coming to the point ‘Is Mobile Phone harming  Humans Emotions’.
There are many people and worried parents who feel that mobile phones are harming the lifestyle of humans and the childhood of their children’s. Many parents have made their concern related to these issues that due to the mobiles phones children are facing problems like children are not connecting with there family members and becoming an irritable child.
Doctors in India also have concern issues that children in India facing problems like emotionless and memory facing problems in teenagers and heart problems at an early age. On the other side, there are some cases that the children are having clots in the brain which is worrying.
There was a time when all the family members sit together at once place discussed their issues and share font memories but nowadays it hardly found that family members are sitting together and sharing their fond memories, that’s is why this question comes in mind Is Mobile Phone harming  Humans Emotions.

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