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Is Modi Government ready to bring the ‘code’ on Population

On 15 August PM Modi announced from the ramparts of the Red Fort that families should restrict the number of the children. PM takedown the issue of the population which is becoming a bugbear for India. In his Independent Day speech, raised the issue of uncontrolled population growth and its consequences for the country.

*In his monologue PM said We cannot think of an unhealthy society, we cannot think of an uneducated society. PM added In 21st century India, the ability to consummate dreams starts with a person, starts with a family. If the population is not educated, not healthy, then neither the home nor the country can be happy. If the population is educated, empowered, and skilled and has adequate means available to achieve the right ambience to fulfil their wishes and needs, then I think the country can fulfil these things.”

*After his oration there is surmise is going on that ‘Worlds Largest Democracy’ may have the charter on population in the coming future. As per the many Economic Survey, it indicates different if the not contradictory picture on population growth.

*Surveys shows that population growth in the year  2018-19c has been drop to last few decades from an annual growth rate of 2.5 per cent during 1971-81 to an estimated 1.3 per cent as of 2011-16.

*This is the first time Prime Minister has raised the issue, even though a section of the BJP has been vocal about the matter. PM has got a mixed reaction from the public many people id backing PM Modi that BJP government should bring the Law on Population. But on other side politicians like Owasi has raised the question against this issue of the population.

Now coming to the Point the why Country needs to control its Population

  • As per the United Nations, the population of India in 2030 will be 1billion 50 crores.
  • UN also said that in 2024 India will have more population than China.
  • The Actual growth rate of India Population is 1.02%
  • Worlds 17.71 % of people belongs to India
  • In India, Every Minute 33 newborn babies are born
  • India only has 2% of farming land
  • Another alarming sign is that Country only has 4% of drinking water.

If India will not take impotent quantify towards the Population than in its residents will increase by 1billion 67 crores in 2050. These are the worries signs for India and the people who are living in India. Increasing population will not only make a harsh impact on India. If People will not understand the problem of population than it will be puzzling for nay government to develop the nation. It was Congress who bring the Family Planning policy it was not implemented by them. It’s very impotent to control the population for our future generations.

  • If we failed to control the population than citizens of India will emigrate to another country’s for their bright future.

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