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It was the Congress that divided the nation on religious beliefs, not us: Amit Shah

By India Business Story…

The suggested law is not a breach of any provision of the constitution and made a “right classification”, said the Home Minister, declaring that it was “not even 0.001 per cent” against India’s minorities.

“Understandable analysis is done. I can discuss laws from across the world that talk about identity. If this is how we want to define justice, why doesn’t it apply to the minorities we are referring to? Please explain how minorities get special quota and status for things like education,” said Amit Shah, asserting that Article 14 is not a blockade.

The home minister also said…

  • The Congress divided India on religious lines, Home Minister Amit Shah charged today as he rebutted the opposition’s argument that the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill runs contrary to the principles of equality and secularism under the constitution.
  • “The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill wouldn’t have been needed if the Congress had not allowed partition on the basis of religion. It was the Congress that divided the country on religious lines, not us.

Besides this, the opposition Leaders has also targeted the Amit shah in Lok sabha, All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen chief Asaduddin Owaisi started a brutal attack on Home Minister Amit Shah at the Lok Sabha today. “Amit Shah will be in the class of Hitler,” said Owaisi after Shah tabled the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) at the Parliament today among severe analysis and reaction.

Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said that the bill is nothing but targeted law over minority people in our nation.

I request to you (Speaker), save the nation from such a code and save Home Minister also unless like in Nuremberg race laws and Israel’s citizenship act, Home Minister’s name will be highlighted with Hitler and David Ben-Gurion,” said Owaisi.

BJP has got 293 votes in support, 82 votes against the introduction of a controversial law, law, tabled by Home Minister Amit Shah got 293 votes in support of its introduction, while 82 votes were against the bill.

The same discussion will happen after which there will be a round of polling. Once the CAB holds the majority of votes in its favour, it will be passed in Lok Sabha. The same method will happen in Rajya Sabha as well.

Earlier Home Minister Amit Shah led the government’s arguments on the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in the Lok Sabha today. The disputed bill questioned non-Muslim refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to simplify them to become Indian citizens.

He asked opposition leaders not to walk out. “When the bill is being handled I will tell you about all your questions … Don’t walk out! Walkout!”

Mr Shah’s bill is not even “0.001% on India’s minorities”. He requested the addition of the bill so that the advantages of the bill could be negotiated, at this point the merits of being included in this bill should not be addressed.

In the days to come, the debate on this bill will intensify.

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