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Jasleen Bhalla heard in Corona Caller Tune.

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His sound has listened in Corona Caller Tune.

During this corona period, when you call someone, you get a message from the Government of India, which warns about the prevention of coronavirus, discrimination from the patient and other precautions. This voice is from a well-known voice-over artist Jasleen Bhalla. Jasleen Bhalla was a sports generalist in the channel before becoming a voice-over artist, but for the last 10 years, she is a complete voice-over artist.

You must have heard this message many times throughout the day, ‘Today the whole country is fighting with the Coronavirus or Covid-19. But remember, we have to fight against the disease, not the sick. Do not discriminate against them. There is a tabled story behind this voice. According to media news, Jasleen says that she was not even aware that her voice would one day be heard by the whole country. Jasleen Bhalla said, ‘One day suddenly I was asked to record this message.

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