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Kangana Best Performer – Javed Akhtar

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In Bollywood, fewer films and more nepotism are being discussed at this time. All credit is being given only to this and only Kangana Ranaut, who has consistently spoken openly against a section of Bollywood without hesitation. Kangana has not spared even Bollywood veteran Javed Akhtar through her statements.

Kangana Best Artist – Javed Akhtar

Now Javed Akhtar himself has come forward to answer Kangana Ranaut amid this controversy. He had a special conversation with India Today in this regard and has spoken openly on a debate ranging from nepotism to insider-outsider. Surprisingly, Javed Akhtar has not made a strong comment against Kangana. He has also praised the actress. Taking a view on nepotism, Javed said – Kangana’s presence in this industry is proof that talent never goes waste. Kangana is an amazing artist and is touching new dimensions of success due to her grace. He is an outsider.

Javed Akhtar has not only praised Kangana but has also tried to put a stop to the debates with Outsider and Insider. He has also paid attention to talent and according to him, anyone can move forward. On the other hand, Javed has even said that helping his son cannot be called wrong. If it is said then all the industrialists of the country are also nepotists.

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