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Kerala’s Gold Scam

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The politics of the country’s southern state of Kerala is in an uproar. This case is related to gold theft. According to media reports, this case is large-scale smuggling of gold in the state. The fences of the scam reach the state’s big heads and government leaders. Its wires are said to be related to Swapna Suresh. Swapna Suresh is considered very close to the ruling Left Front government in Kerala. Swapna Suresh is a high-profile consultant of the Kerala IT department. He is absconding since his name surfaced in the investigation into the gold smuggling case.

It is being said that Sapna’s strings are linked to the top smugglers of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). What is the scam – On Sunday, July 5, the officials of the Customs Department at Thiruvananthapuram International Airport caught diplomatic baggage from UAE based on the secret information already received? When it was opened in the presence of UAE Consulate officials after obtaining permission from the Ministry of External Affairs, it found 30 kg of gold filled with many items of domestic use. Its value is being said to be around 15 crores.

After calling himself an employee of the consulate, the person who came to collect the assets, Sarit Kumar was taken into charge after interrogation by the Customs Department. In the inquiry, Sarit said that he used to work as a Public Relations Officer in the Consulate for about a year ago, but now he is not an employee of the Embassy. He has also worked in Dubai.

Sarit Kumar was carrying this kind of luggage from the airport for almost a year. Sarit Kumar later told the department that one of his colleagues is an employee of the IT department of the Government of Kerala named Swapna Suresh. When the department got into action to interrogate Suresh, it was found that he was missing from the day before the goods were opened.

After the entire record of Swapna, Suresh-Swapna was revealed, it was revealed that she also previously worked in the UAE Consulate as the Executive Secretary. She also used to live in Dubai earlier. In 2013, he got a job in a company at the airport in Thiruvananthapuram. There, along with a senior employee, he filed at least 17 fake complaints of sexual abuse against an airport employee.

The media reports claimed that Shivshankar had recommended Swapna’s name for appointment to the post through multinational company Price water HouseCoopers. His declared educational qualification is also being claimed to be fake. Leaders of the opposition have alleged that this was a well-planned conspiracy and Shivshankar has met Swapna. Opposition leaders have also demanded the resignation of Chief Minister Vijayan.

Chief Minister Vijayan has denied these allegations but has not said anything on the demand of taking moral responsibility for this entire matter. He has also written a letter to the Prime Minister demanding an inquiry by the central agencies in the matter and has said that the state government will give full cooperation in the investigation. It is being told that a CBI team has started the preliminary investigation in the case.

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