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King of Savours is no More

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Mahashay Dharmpal Gulati, the owner of the famous MDH Masala, died on Thursday morning. Mahashay Dharampal was 98 years old. He breathed his last at around 5.38 am in the morning. Recently, his corona report came positive (Coronavirus Positive) but he was cured of the corona. It is said that Mahasam Dharampal Gulati had a heart attack on Thursday morning, after which he died. Last year, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan.

The full name of MDH is Mahashian Di Hatti. For years, Maharashtrian Dharmapala Gulati was appearing in advertisements for MDH spices. Dharampal Gulati’s father started this journey from a small shop in Sialkot, Pakistan in the year 1922. After the partition of the country, his family moved to Delhi.

There have also been reports that after coming to Delhi, Dharampal Gulati bought a tanga, from which he used to take the ride. However, neither Dharmapala Gulati felt nor did she earn so much in this work.

This is how it started

  • The valuation of Mahashian The Hatti (MDH) Group, a company of Mahashay Dharampal Gulati, is more than Rs 2000 crore at present, but little is known about his sexful story.
  • Coming to Delhi in search of employment, he started running Tanga, but destiny was somewhat different.
  • That is why he started selling spices by giving that tanga to his brother. His spice rose so much on the tongue of the people that the nation was rocked.

Coming to Delhi and started running the Tanga: Coming to Delhi in front of Dharampal Gulati was the biggest challenge. In those days only 1500 rupees were left in Dharampal’s pocket. Out of these 1500 rupees he got from his father, Dharmpal for 650 rupees bought a horse and a tanga and started running a tanga at the railway station. A few days later, he gave it to Tanga Bhai and started selling spices by planting a small kiosk on Ajmal Khan Road in Karolbagh. (Photo-MDH website)

MDH: Mahashay Dharmapala’s family started the business with small capital, but due to lack of business, he went to different areas of Delhi to buy shop after shop. The Gulati family continued their business by adding pie-pie.

In those days when it was not customary to take a loan from the bank, but Mahasharma Dharmapala took this risk. In 1959, the Gulati family set up their first factory to manufacture spices in Kirti Nagar, Delhi. After a long journey of 93 years, Sialkot’s Mahashian Di Hatti has now become a brand of spices in the world as MDH.

  1. The business empire of Rs 2000 crore: Dharampal Gulati ji’s business empire is now worth Rs 2000 crore. His company does a business of billions of rupees annually. 
  2. But this amazing success of becoming a billionaire from a tanga is the result of hard work and dedication of 60 years. Sitting on a pile of wealth, even today, the old lesson of honesty, hard work and discipline are not forgotten. 
  3. This is the reason that today their spices are used in more than a hundred countries of the world and for this, they have established a large empire of spice factories at home and abroad.

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