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Farmers who are agitating against the farm laws of the central government have called for Bharat Bandh today. Many opposition parties are supporting his Bharat Bandh. Many trade unions have also given their support for Bharat Bandh. According to the farmers, India will be closed for the whole day on Tuesday. But Chakkajam will be done only till 3 pm. amidst all this, India is being closed by burning tires in some parts of the country and stopping the train somewhere.


  • Agitating farmers are demurring against the borders of the capital Delhi, against the agricultural laws. In such a state, the maximum impact of the Bharat Bandh is being seen in Delhi itself. Mandis are closed here. Cab services like Ola and Uber are closed. Transport is also having its effect. Many routes are closed. Taxis are included in this Bharat bandh.
  • In Bihar Behar, RJD, Congress and Left parties confirmed the Bharat Bandh of help. During this time RJD workers in Darbhanga demurred against the farm laws by burning casings. Protests are also taking place in Patna. In such a situation, strict security arrangements have been put in place.
  • In Punjab, Punjab agricultural laws are being fiercely opposed. The ruling Congress is in support of the farmers. The protesters are closing shops in other cities including Amritsar.

Who is with?

  • Along with the Kisan Andolan, the politics of the country has also warmed up. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday went to Singhu Border to meet the agitating farmers. He spoke of serving him like a sevadar. CM Kejriwal had also announced to openly support the farmers’ performance.
  • Now the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has accused the Delhi Police of doing House Arrest to CM Kejriwal. AAP tweeted that after returning from the Sindhu border on Monday, Delhi Police has put Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal under house arrest.
  • The AAP tweeted, “ after returning from the farmers meeting on the Singhu border on Monday, the Delhi Police of the BJP arrested Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. No one is allowed to go in or out of their residence.

According to media reports

  • There is a mixed effect of the Bharat Bandh in Uttar Pradesh. In Prayagraj, Samajwadi Party (SP) workers tried to stop the train, while farmers in Barabanki tried to close the market, but before that these people were taken into preventive custody.
  • Opposition parties are taking to the streets to corner the government for the Bharat Bandh in support of the farmer movement in some districts in UP. In Prayagraj, UP, Samajwadi Party workers stopped the train today.
  • It is being told that the workers stopped the Bundelkhand Express train and shouted slogans and lay on the tracks of the train.

Talking about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency Varanasi, the Samajwadi Party workers also locked the gate of the District Officer’s Office over the Bharat Bandh. SP activists called for a Bharat Bandh demanding withdrawal of the agricultural law and shouted slogans in the Collectorate Office.

In Barabanki, all the organizations of the Farmers Union shouted in support of Bharat Bandh. SP-BSP and lawyers’ organizations have announced support for Bharat Bandh. To ensure that the chaos and atmosphere in the district are not spoiled, the district administration has closed the eyes of SP BSP-Congress and many farmer leaders in their homes.

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