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Know The Fact of True And False Messages

To get rid of fake viral messages on WhatsApp, the company is coming up with a new feature. Actually, now users will be given the feature of reverse search. By which it can be found out how much truth is there in the viral message. How much truth is there in the message forwarded on WhatsApp, they will know about this feature given in the check WhatsApp itself. WhatsApp has also released a statement regarding this feature. The company has named it Search the web feature.

WhatsApp said in its official blog, ‘Pilot of double check feature is being launched from today by tapping the magnifying glass given in WhatsApp message.’

WhatsApp has said that the message that has been forwarded many times by people can be easily checked that the information or news given in that message has been sourced. The truth of viral messages can be found out by doing so.According to WhatsApp, this new feature is being launched in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, the UK and the US from today. This feature will work in WhatsApp’s android, iOS and WhatsApp web.

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