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Laws Linked to Your Funds Will Vary

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From 1st November 2020 (1st November 2020) many new rules are going to be implemented across the country, which will have a direct impact on your life. From the booking of gas cylinders to the bank charges, there are many new rules in it.

Apart from this, Indian Railways is also going to change the time table from November 1, so before the 1st date, you must know about these rules. Otherwise, you may have to suffer a loss. Let us tell you what has been changing since November 1.

  1. OTP will have to be given for booking gas cylinders the entire process of LPG Cylinder Home Delivery is going to change from November 1. 
  2. From now on, an OTP will be sent to the customers’ mobile number after gas booking. 
  3. When the cylinder arrives for delivery, you will have to share this OTP with the delivery boy. Once this code is matched to the system, the customer will get the delivery of the cylinder only.

Indane Gas changed the booking number

  • If you are an Indane customer, from now on, you will not be able to book gas on the old number.
  • Indane has sent a new number to its LPG customers for booking gas on their registered mobile number.
  • Through this, you can book a cylinder for a gas refill. Indian Oil told that earlier there were different mobile numbers for different circles of the country for booking LPG.

Now the country’s largest petroleum company has issued a single number for all circles, this means that now customers of Indane gas will have to send a call or SMS to 7718955555 to book LPG cylinders across the country.

LPG gas cylinder prices will change

Let the state’s oil companies decide the prices of LPG cylinders on the first date of every month. Prices may also increase and relief can also be obtained. In such a situation, the prices of cylinders can be changed on 1 November. In October, oil companies increased the price of commercial cylinders.

  1. Now banks will have to pay fees for depositing and withdrawing their money. BoB has also started this. Banking beyond the prescribed limit from next month will attract a separate fee. 
  2. From November 1, customers will have to pay 150 rupees for loan account, after three times in a month, they will withdraw money. 
  3. Talking about a savings account, it will be free for such account holders to deposit up to three times, but if customers deposit money for the fourth time, then they will have to pay 40 rupees.

At the same time, Jan Dhan account holders have got some relief in this, they will not have to pay any fee on depositing but will have to pay 100 rupees on withdrawal.

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