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Lift in Tawny Price

On Monday, gold figures designated an uptick in gold prices with a fall in the US dollar. With the weak US economic data at the end of last week, the Kovid-19 (COVID-19) recession raised fears about the global economic recovery, which has strengthened gold. In the overseas market, gold rose 0.2 per cent to $ 1,935.53 an ounce.Discussing the national fair, gold and silver trading on the domestic futures market i.e. MCX has also started this morning. Gold opened at Rs 50785 on MCX with a rise of Rs 107, ie 0.21 per cent. At the same time, silver also rose by Rs 872 to open at Rs 68138.

Gold and silver now up to 700 rupees more unaffected On Friday, the price of 10 grams of gold in Delhi Bullion Market has come down to Rs 52 thousand per ten grams. At the same time, silver figures saw a big reduction of Rs 700 per kg. On Friday, the equivalent of 99.9 per cent gold in Delhi Bullion Market fell from Rs 51,826 per ten gram to Rs 51,770 per ten gram. During this period, prices have fallen by Rs 56 per ten grams.Like gold, the price of the silver has seen a lessening. On Friday, the price of one kilogram of silver slumped from Rs 69,109 per ten gram to Rs 68,371 per ten gram in Delhi Bullion Market.

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