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Look to Declaim App

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Google has launched a new app, which can make it easy for people with difficulty speaking. It is named ‘Look to speak‘. It will read the text written on the phone with the help of eyes and tell it to the front. This will prove to be helpful for those who have difficulty speaking and have to use a device to communicate. The app has been prepared on ‘Experiment with Google platform’.

This app is available through Google Play Store for all Android One devices and versions above Android 9.0. Apart from this, many options have been given in the app, with the help of which users can set it according to their own.

This is how it works

  • People have to keep their phone stable to use the app. After this, they have to look at the text written on the phone.
  • If they look upwards, the app will speak loudly to the text written there. Similarly, when looking down, right or left, the app will speak loudly to the things written there.
  • For this, this app tracks the movement of the eyes where the user is looking.

Google claims that all data is private and never leaves the phone. To help people use this app, Google has created a tutorial and a guide. In which top tips are given, such as which position to put the phone in, how to gesture with the eyes etc. The official blog of the app has claimed that this app can make work easier for many people. With the help of this app, people will be able to convey their talk to others without any other device.

More from tech

  • Ater App announced to introduce India’s first safety training app in collaboration with Wadhwani Foundation. This will give protection to essential service providers from Kovid-19 in their place of work and personal life too.
  • On the Co-protector app, you can chat in many languages. Along with this, text, video and audio content has been given in this app to make the user more aware of the coronavirus. This app will also help in getting help from the right authorities in trouble.

Why select a co-protector app?

  • One of the biggest and most ignored challenges of Kovid is the breakdown of the information link between various governments, implants, health experts and essential service providers.
  • The breakdown of the link of information is especially evident in the economically weaker sections of society.
  • After the lockdown, essential service providers and blue-collar personnel have had to move out of their homes to serve the nation and support their families – resulting in the threat of a second wave of Kovid.
  • In such a situation, these people must be sufficiently aware and trained to protect themselves at work and in the dense population where they live.

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