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Many Animals Died in Kaziranga

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North India is currently facing a severe flood. Constant rains and floods are not only killing humans, but animals are also forced to lose their lives. Floods in Assam have made the situation so bad that 116 wild animals, including 11 rhinos, have died in Kaziranga National Park so far this year. According to the Kaziranga National Park Authority, 9 rhinos drowned in water due to the floods, while two the other died naturally. Besides, 88 hog deer, 7 wild boar, four bison, two swamp deer, two porpine, one sambar have also been killed due to floods.

Floods have rocked Bihar and Assam. Millions of people have had to leave their homes here. The people of the flooded villages have no idea how long the floodwaters will descend. These people are facing poisonous animals like snake scorpion every day. At the same time, there is also a fear of causing disease due to water freezing if there is a flood in Bihar and Assam, the boat is the only support to go to the hospital if you are ill. Alam is that people are not even getting clean drinking water.

Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal said that 70 lakh people in Assam are affected by the floods. He said, “People and animals trapped in flood affected areas in Assam are being evacuated and transported to safe places.”

Gandak River has brought destruction in Gopalganj. Pucca houses are drowned here, huts have been washed away. Here in many villages of Sadar and Manjagarh block people are craving for drinking water and medicine. The hard work of the farmers of Khagadia got washed away. The earning of blood and sweat started sinking in front of the eyes. Paddy and moong crops were submerged. Kosi River destroyed everything.

Destruction in 8 districts of Bihar

In Supaul, along with the Kosi River, the Tilayuga River flowing from Nepal is also showing its eyes. Roads have been washed away. There is devastation in 8 districts of Bihar due to flood. Everything is submerged in Darbhanga, Khagaria, Sitamarhi, Munger, Chapra, Madhubani, Madhepura and Muzaffarpur.

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