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Many Rigorous Rules-Report In The Government’s E-Commerce Strategy: Report

There has been a long demand in the country to reduce the use of foreign products and to increase the use of indigenous goods and companies and now the government seems to be taking steps in this direction. The administration is going to bring new rules for e-commerce businesses and the latest e-commerce policy plan in India includes such steps which will help local startups. Apart from this, different firms have to follow many rules to do business in India.

The government has been working on the e-commerce policy for the last two years and during this time there has been a continuous demand that some steps should be taken to limit the increasing proliferation of global companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook in India. Apart from this, such announcements should be made to encourage indigenous companies and startups and in this episode, the government is going to take decisions, according to a report it has been said.

The regulator will be made for the e-commerce sector

According to the reports, in the draft of the e-commerce policy, it has been said that a regulator will be made to keep the sector completely under the legal purview and keep an eye on it. Let us know that work on this policy is going on very fast and the government will soon make its draft public.

Audit decision may be made

According to the report, in the new e-commerce policy, there will be a provision that all those companies like Amazon which store customers’ data abroad will be mandatory to audit them within a fixed period. Apart from this, if companies are asked to provide any details, then they have to provide it within 72 hours. Failure to do so may result in companies being fined.

Plants will also increase for customers

It is also being said in the policy draft that e-commerce platforms will have to provide information about the seller (seller) to their customers and what will be the arrangement for making complaints from customers from phone number to email and address, all information It will be necessary to give It has also been said in the policy that for imported goods, it will be necessary to tell in which country its actual manufacture has been done and how much work has been done on it in India, it should be clearly written.

Strict law will be made

The new draft policy envisages enacting a law for the sector and this law will be tougher on storing, using, transferring, processing and analysing information under which companies that store data abroad.

Rules will also come for companies offering live streaming services

Along with this, it has also been said in the report that those foreign companies which provide live streaming services and use many mediums for payment, they will have to use formal and regulated payment channels, and rules will be brought on it.

Will be made public after suggestions from all parties

The new draft e-commerce policy is in its final stages and is being finalised by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade. Before making it public, suggestions from all the parties will be taken, after the draft is made public, people’s reaction will also be taken on it.

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