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Maths didn’t help Einstein discover gravity”: Union Minister Piyush Goyal

One of the prominent members of BJP( Bharatiya Janata Party ministers are not owning a good moment when it appears to manage the economic retardation.
Following Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s emphasis that millennials are the logic delayed the crisis in the auto sector, her co-worker Piyush Goyal gave an awkward blunder while supporting the government’s $5 trillion-economy fantasy.
On Thursday, Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal was escorting a Board of Trade gathering when he stated something exciting — “Maths didn’t help Einstein discover gravity”.
Okay, we know you are worried too.
Piyush Goyal was supporting the government facing the accusations of the financial slowdown. Minister was seeking to acknowledge the problem of how predicted GDP extension charges don’t appear to regulate with the $5 trillion-dollar economy mission. After his comments, the people are criticising the Union Minister at Social Media.

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