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Meet TikTok Ki Madhubala

By India Business Story 

Who is she…?

TikTok user Priyanka Kandwal became an overnight Internet passion after videos of her lip-syncing old songs picturised on Madhubala went viral. 

  • Well, the Internet has given her a new Title ‘TikTok Ki Madhubala‘ which tells everything. Priyanka Kandwal also shared amazing of the videos on Twitter, in which she can be seen versifying songs like Haal Kaisa Hai Janaab Kafrom Chalti Ka Naam GaadiAchha Ji Main Haari from Kala Pani and Dekhne Mein Bhola Hai from Bambai Ka Babu
  • Made in a black-and-white frame, Priyanka Kandwal styled herself much like the late starlet. A Twitter user mentioned on one of the videos, “You resemble Madhubala a lot… Your signs, smile and looks… Marvellous,” while another replied, “Man this girl looks like Madhubala at first sight.’
  • In one of the tweets, she greeted her fans for associating her with Madhubala and said, “Thank you, everyone, for liking my videos on Madhubala ji‘s songs. Unquestionably, she is magic, so no comparison. It’s just for entertainment. I made these videos without assuming that you people would really acknowledge.”

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