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Messi! The New King of FootBall.

Lionel Messi won his sixth Ballon d’Or award on Monday night, Messi moved past Cristiano Ronaldo and he now has the most prominent number of Ballon d’Or awards in records.

“It is 10 years following I won my first Ballon d’Or here in Paris and I recognise arriving here with my three siblings, I was 22 and it was all incredible for me what I was going through,” Messi stated on stage after winning the award from last year’s champion Luka Modric.

“I hope I have many years left to keep appreciating my football. I am cognizant of the age I have and these times are all the more fun because the second when I have to leave is getting more alike and that is hard,” the Argentine star continued.

“All continuing well I’ll have many years disappeared but at the moment time appears to be travelling and everything is occurring very fast. I hope to keep holding my football, my family, facing my competitors and all of this time that I have,” Messi spoke.

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