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New edicts for those travelling in flight

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Domestic flights are also closed due to the lockdown issued from March 25 in the country and now they are being resumed after two months from May 25. The Airport Authority of India has issued new guidelines for these domestic air flights and travellers need to know these before travelling.

  1. Passengers taking national flights will only get the facility of online check-in i.e. web check-in. Travellers have to walk through web check-in before travelling?
  2. Apart from this, passengers will be able to carry only one check-in baggage, ie, the facility of carrying cabin baggage will not be available at the moment.
  3. Along with this, another instruction has come that no food will be served to passengers on domestic flights. This information has been given by the Ministry of Aviation.
  • According to some other directions, all travellers must wear gloves and masksat the airport and during the journey, it will be necessary to wear them even during the entire journey.
  • There will be a thermal screening of passengersand only those passengers will be able to board the flight, who will not see any symptoms of coronavirus infection. 
  • Apart from children below the age of 14 years, it will be necessary to keep the Arogya Setuapp on the phone.

Passengers must arrive at the airport 2 hours before the start of the trip. Only those riders will be able to enter the airport terminal whose flight is after 4 hours or less.

  1. Domestic air flights are being started in the country from 25 May. Union Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puriheld a press conference in this regard today and shared relevant information related to it.
  2. Let me tell you that yesterday, he declared that the operation of domestic flights will be gradually started in the country from25th Maye. next Monday. Airports and airlines companies are being informed to prepare for this.

Hardeep Singh Puri said that the maximum and minimum fare limit has been fixed for running domestic flights which all airlines have to follow. 

For example, the minimum fare for a 90 to 120-minute flight between Delhi and Mumbai would be Rs 3500 and the maximum fare would be Rs 10,000. This rule will be for 3 months currently, which will be applicable till midnight of 24 August.

In the press conference, Hardeep Singh Puri said that under the Vande Bharat Mission, which was started to bring back the Indian citizens settled abroad, more than 20 thousand people have been brought back home. Later, more citizens will be brought back to India. We have used outgoing aircraft to carry our citizens. Efforts were made to bring back those who travel abroad to travel due to jobs and other business commitments.

The Civil Aviation Minister said that there will be separate rules in metro to metro cities and there will be separate rules for the metro to non-metro cities. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai are included in the metro cities. Initially, only a third of the airport will start as anticipation.

The Union Minister said that all the air journeys in the country have been classified into 7 routes. 

  • Under this, the first round will be less than 40 minutes. The second route will be between 40 and 60 minutes. 
  • The third route will be 60-90 minutes. The fourth route will be 90-120 minutes. The fifth route will be 120–150 minutes and the sixth route will be 150–180 minutes. 
  • The seventh route will be 180-210 minutes. All the routes of the country will be considered under these 7 routes.

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