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New Twist in Sushant Singh Case

Sushant Singh Rajput’s father KK Singh has lodged an FIR against Riya Chakraborty at Rajiv Nagar Police Station in Patna and accused him of abetment of suicide. He has also accused Riya of withdrawing crores of rupees from Sushant’s account and changing his phone number. Not only has this, but the matter of Riya’s fight with Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister living in Mumbai also come to light.

According to the information received, a family source said that Riya Chakraborty never told Sushant Singh about his mental health stress. In the last one year, Sushant had a difficult talk with his father 5 times. The source said that Sushant, who lives in Mumbai, also had a fight with his sister several times.

FIR against Riya

Sushant’s father has alleged that Riya Chakraborty instigated Sushant to commit suicide. Riya not only removed Sushant’s money from his account but also tried to make much mental pressure on him. If the father believes, Sushant Singh Rajput had been away from the family for a long time because Riya did not allow him to meet her. At the same time, it has been said that Riya Chakraborty was blackmailing Sushant. In this connection, a police team from Bihar has reached Mumbai to take action.

Sushant’s father said in his statement, “My son Sushant wanted to leave the film line and do organic farming in Kerala, then Riya protested that you will not go anywhere and if you do not listen to me then I will give your medical report in the media.” I will give it and tell everyone that you are crazy. But when Riya felt that Sushant Singh was not obeying her and his bank balance was too low, Riya had taken a lot of important items from Sushant’s house.

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