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The country is very enthusiastic about the New Year (2021). However, after the outbreak of the Coronavirus and its new form began to the fore, stern action is being taken on the government and administrative level for the New Year. 

The organizers of the event have been made clear that they will be responsible for any kind of negligence. While instructions have been issued not to give liquor to the youth, the period for lockdown and night curfew has been extended. Let us know which states have imposed restrictions on the New Year given Corona.

Night lockout in Punjab from 1 January

The Punjab government (Punjab) has requested people to follow the Kovid-19 (Coronavirus) guidelines, ending the night curfew from January 1. Giving information to this effect, the official spokesman said that curfew related restrictions will be effective in all cities and towns till December 31 at night.

2-day limitation in Delhi

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority has imposed a night curfew in Delhi. No more than five persons can gather in a public place. There will be no New Year celebration program. DDMA said that no public meeting or gathering will be allowed in public places from 11:00 am on 31 December till 6 am on January 1 and on 1 January evening from 11 am to 6 pm on 2 January.

Hotels, pubs in Maharashtra to be open till 11 pm on 31 December: Deshmukh

Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh said on Wednesday that hotels, restaurants, pubs and bars in the state will be open till 11 pm on 31 December. He told that there would be a ban on the gathering of five or more people in public places but (after 11 pm in the night due to the night curfew) there would be no restriction on going out to buy medicines and go to the house of relatives and friends. He said that the officials have been asked to ensure the implementation of epidemic restrictions at the hill tourist spots as a large number of people can come there on New Year.

The number of tourists in Goa increased, but the New Year celebrations from Corona are likely to fade Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the applicable guidelines and the detection of new forms of the virus in England are expected to make New Year celebrations and parties faded in Goa this year. Flights have been affected in England following the introduction of a new form of the virus. Thousands of tourists have reached Goa to welcome the year 2021, but due to the ban on flights, this year there will be a shortage of foreign tourists in the state.

New Year Celebration: Strict measures will continue in Karnataka including Bengaluru Strict measures will be implemented throughout Karnataka, including Bengaluru, to prevent crowds gathering to celebrate the New Year given the circumstances of the Kovid-19 epidemic.

Karnataka Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai gave this information on Wednesday. The minister said that he has spoken to the Deputy Commissioner of Police and the Director-General of Police of the city regarding the guidelines and restrictions issued for the state and the city. Also, it has been decided to implement them strictly. In Bangalore city, prohibitory orders will remain in force from 6 pm on 31 December till 6 am on 1 January.



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