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Now the supply of salt can be reduced in the nation?

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Due to this, there may be a lack of salt- He said, ‘If we do not increase production in the next few days, it will be difficult because our off-season (monsoon) buffer stock is not so much. Also, the demand for salt will increase in industries as soon as the lockdown ends. He said that this year if the rains are late then only our products can come to the right level.

The country consumes about 95 lakh tonnes of edible salt every year. Apart from this, 110-130 lakh name is used in the industry. Whereas 58-60 lakh tons of salt is exported to those countries which are completely dependent on India for salt.

Industries that use salt include power plants, oil refineries, solar power companies, chemical manufacturers, textile makers, metals, pharma, rubber and leather manufacturers.

If Lockdown Part 3 continues in this way, then there may be a shortage of salt in the coming months. According to the news published in the Economic Times, people making salt in the coastal areas of the country say that its production has decreased. Because workers are returning to their homes in the ongoing lockdown due to Coronavirus Pandemic. For the last few days, the government has run special labour special train for these labourers so that the trapped labourers can go to their homes at different places in the country. In such a situation, the production of salt has almost stopped due to the lack of labourers. Soon, its effect can also be seen on supply.

The peak season for making salt- Please tell you that the season of making Naqam lasts from October to the middle of June. The highest production of salt occurs in March and April. About 95 per cent of the country’s total salt production is in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The rest of the production is in Maharashtra, Odisha and West Bengal. Every year there is about 200 to 250 lakh kg salt production in the country.

The country produces about 62 lakh tones of Iodised salt and about 59.7akh tones of iodised salt are supplied for human consumption against the requirement of about 60.5 lakh tonnes for the entire population. The country has created more than adequate salt iodisation capacity of over 175 lakh tonnes.

Gujarat is the largest salt producer state of India and third largest in the world. The state contributes 76 per cent to the total salt production in India, Kharaghoda, Bhavnagar, Porbandar and Rann of Kutch of Gujarat are major salt produced districts.

The major salt-producing states in India are Gujarat, RajasthanTamil NaduMaharashtraAndhra Pradesh and Odisha. Gujarat produces about 70 per cent of the total salt, followed by Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

Top 5 Largest Salt Production States of India

  • Gujarat is the largest salt producer state of India and third largest in the world….
  • Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is second largest producers of salt in India after Gujarat….
  • Rajasthan is the third largest salt producing state in India and contributes 8 per cent of salt production….
  • Andhra Pradesh.

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