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Paytm announced the warning for its users

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If you too have become cashless during coronation and are using Paytm, then this news is for you. For Paytm users, the founder issued a warning saying that customers should be alerted to fake offers like doubling the money. 

Vijay Shekhar appealed to customers to avoid such scams through a post on Twitter. On Twitter, Sharma was answering a question of a user who was a victim of online fraud. In the post, Sharma told the users about a new scam in which Paytm users are lied to double the money. In his post, Sharma also shared a screenshot which was sent to him by a user who became a victim of this fraud.

What is the matter?

Fraud happening through telegram

  1. The screenshot Sharma shared on Twitter shows that through a group of telegram users are asked to Paytm money.
  2. Users are tricked that double the amount of money they send through Paytm will be returned to them.

Many have been created in the name of Paytm

  • A case of cheating has come up in the name of Paytm KYC. During the online verification on the call, the thug sent the link on the mobile.
  • On clicking this, 17 thousand rupees were deducted from the account.
  • Earlier in November last year, a case of cheating from Paytm came to light.

Even then, the Paytm founder had appealed to people to stay alert with fake calls, SMS related to Paytm. Counterfeiters cheated Paytm in the name of KYC through fake calls and SMS

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