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PM Modi address to the Nation 2019

Today PM Modi addresses the Country for the First time after moving the Article 370 in J&k and declaring Ladakh and J&K UT, PM was to suppose to address the nation on Wednesday but sudden demise of India’s Superwomen and Former Foreign Minister Shushma Swaraj. PM cancelled his programme. PM addresses the nation today.

In his Address, there were many key points on which we can talk about but here some key points from his speech. In his speech PM has a clear vision for the people of Kashmir and Ladakh. PM has said that Article 370 was the main obstacle for the development of Jammu & Kashmir.PM said clearly that Article370 was creating hurdle in the development of the region and most impotently PM has said that J&K will not remain a union territory forever he said once the situation gets normal it will be reinstated to statehood soon people of the J&K will be able to choose their representatives.

PM also Indian Cinema industries that they should go to the J&K for shooting their films and PM urge the enterprises from all over India that main reason that PM urges so that herbal products which are grown in the region can get world fame and help in the global market.On developing of the J&K PM Mod has praised the Panchayats he said elected panch and pradhan, development projects have been implemented speedily and on emotion note, PM said that your representatives will come from amongst you. On culture and Rights of the State PM said that developing projects in the J&K are blocked for decades and on culture PM has said that we have tried to bring a new and different work culture in Jammu and Kashmir.

On Jobs PM has said the vacant seats in the region will be filled, Modi has a special message for the youth of J&K he said Local youth will receive employment and private companies will be encouraged to introduce the jobs for the local youths.Communities which belongs to SC, ST and other backward classes will enjoy special benefits but the same did not happen in Jammu and Kashmir (During Elections.)On Emotional Note PM said last 3 decades, almost 42,000 innocent people lost their lives he also added Articles like 370 and Article 35A gave only separatism, nepotism and corruption. On 3/5 PM was clear and have a great vision for the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

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