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Primary Schools Will Open In UP From July 1

The date for the opening of government primary schools in Uttar Pradesh has been fixed. All primary schools are opening from July 1, but only teachers and principals will have to come to school. Students will not come to school yet. Director-General of Basic Education Vijay Kiran Anand has issued an order in this regard.Apart from this, teachers have to complete the work of sending books to children and getting their uniforms done. During this time, teachers have to make admission for differently-abled children through the Samarth App. For this, teachers have to go from village to village and register such children.

For this, teachers have to roam in villages and majors and register such children on the app. An educational plan has to be prepared for them. The work of verifying the details available on the Manav Sampada Portal and also correcting the UDIS data will be done in the meantime.The Director-General of Basic Education has said that from July 1, teachers and principals should be present in schools and prepare for all educational work.

The teachers have to first ensure the admission of children between 6 and 14 years under the Sharda Abhiyan. Teachers also have to complete their training through the Diksha app. At the same time, training of the foundation, awareness and training collection formed by the state government is also proposed. Its training will be made from July 20 by making a batch of 25-25 teachers.

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