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Promotion of women in the Indian Army.

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The Supreme Court has ordered on Monday that women will be given a strong performance in the Indian Army (Indian Army). In 2010, the Delhi High Court directed to give permanent commission to women. Delhi High Court had stated that women should be given a permanent commission in the Indian Army and Indian Airforce. Which was tested in the Supreme Court by the Ministry of Defence? While hearing the case, the Supreme Court confirmed the decision of the Delhi High Court. The Supreme Court said that women officers should have been given permanent employment. Can not discriminate against partners.

The Supreme Court has stated in its order that women directors in the Indian Army will work with men and they will be provided to control and criticise choices. A chair of Justices DY Chandrachud and Justice Ajay Rastogi stated that the appointment of women in the army is an evolutionary method. Women work as men. Customs denying permanent commission represent prejudices. Any soldier must be physically able to assume responsibility.

The court has also given its decision on the time limit for women. It said that permanent commission is not limited only to those who have served 14 years in the Short Service Commission (SSC), but also others should be given a permanent commission. Apart from this, the court has said that it is not understood at all why commissions are not given to those who have served for more than 14 years. There is no justification for this.

Women in the Army can get entry into the Army Service Corps, Ordnance, Education Corps, Judge Advocate General, Engineer, Signal, Intelligence and Electric-Mechanical Engineering Branch during the Short Service Commission. They are not given the opportunity to work in combat roles. Explain that at the present time only male soldiers who served in the Short Service Commission (SSC) for 14 years are given the option of permanent commission.

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