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Public curfew In India

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Janata curfew on March 22: From 7 am to 9 pm on Sunday 22 March, all countrymen have to support Janata lockout: PM Modi

PM Modi appeals to the people, said – tell 10 comrades about the public curfew

Mode of abstinence – Avoiding congestion is a method of abstinence – Avoiding congestion, Avoiding getting out of the house. Nowadays, which is being called Social Distancing, in this era of Corona global epidemic, it is very much necessary: PM Modi

We will also protect others from getting infected, today we have to take a pledge that we will avoid getting infected ourselves and save others from getting infected too. In this kind of global epidemic, only one mantra works – We are healthy and we are healthy: PM Modi

On Financial hurdle Prime Minister announced

  1. The COVID 19 task force will be established to deal with economic challenges.
  2. PM Modi’s appeal to businessmen – do not cut the salary of the people from whom they take services.

On everyday demands PM stated 

  • PM Modi gave the assurance, there will be no deficiency of food things.

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