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Rafael Landed in India

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The strength of the Indian Air Force is going to increase manifold today. The fighter aircraft that was waiting for a long time, that Rafael aircraft reached India today. Under the deal between India and France, the first shipment of Rafael fighter aircraft arrives in Ambala, India today. There will be a total of five fighter aircraft in the first batch, present by Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria to receive it.

After nearly a decade and a half, a fighter aircraft equipped with such sophisticated facilities is being entered in the Indian Air Force. And that to Rafael, which has been making political issue in the country for the last two to three years. In such a situation, when its landing is to be done at Ambala airbase, the security system has been tightened. Section 144 has been installed around the base, apart from official photography, there is a ban on any kind of photography.

What will occur after Rafael comes to India?

Rafael aircraft will reach India this afternoon, after which they will be received in the presence of the Chief of Air Force. However, this will not be a final induction in the Air Force, as that process will be done in late August. During this time Prime Minister Narendra Modi can also be present as a guest.

The fighters of Laden and Mullah Omar killed

After 9/11, the US jumped into Afghanistan to hide terrorist Osama bin Laden and destroy Taliban bases. This battle was being fought under the leadership of NATO. Therefore, French forces also joined this war.In the year 2007, France lifted the Rafale of Afghanistan. Rafael became part of the France Air Force this year. Whereas in 2004, this fighter jet became part of the French Navy. Rafael’s target in Afghanistan was the fighters of Taliban leader Mullah Omar and Laden.

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