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Railroads Depreciated Many Traveller Amenities

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there has been a lot of change in the way people travel and habits. Now people have started demanding more hygiene demand. In such a situation, Indian Railways has stopped many facilities so far to save the passengers from Kovid-19, i.e., the journey of the train will also not be easy now. Indian Railways has banned blankets and sheets found in AC coaches because of cleanliness. If you understand in easy terms, now passengers of AC coaches will have to take a blanket and bed-sheet from home and go on a train journey.

Food and water will also have to be provided by the passengers themselves according to Railway Board Chief VK Yadav, even after gaining the position about Coronavirus, passengers of AC coaches will have to carry their blankets and sheets.

He said that the Railways have taken this decision because of strictly adhering to the Hygiene Standard during the journey. Apart from this, on-board cooked food will also not be provided to the passengers. In the train, passengers will get only prepared food, packed water and tea-coffee. At the same time, packed food items will also be made available on some trains. In trains without pantry cars, passengers will also have to make arrangements for food and water themselves.

‘Special train started in view of increasing demand in festive season’

Singh said that 80 to 85 per cent of the country depends on the train service. At the same time, due to various restrictions on air travel, people’s dependence on trains has increased.

Indian Railways has taken the drive to bring the transport facility to normal condition by launching 80 new special trains. This will help enhance the condition constantly. It is expected that the general sets will also start soon. Singh believes that the Railways has started special trains keeping in mind the increasing demand during the festive season. By the time the coronavirus is killed, there will be a lot of difference in standards between air and train travel.

When the Railways announced to run 80 new special trains from September 5, the question mounted as to why passengers would travel on the train without spending any fare equivalent to air fare without any adroitness.

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